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Business Networking Group

Our business networking group near Harrisburg is passionate about helping business professionals grow.

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CRPN is about trusted partnerships. This group helps create professional partners to refer and receive credible referrals. We believe in getting to know all members and what they can bring to this new association. We are about growing our businesses and working with people of a similar mindset. Think of this group as a new sales force for your business.

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We need your skills, professionalism, business and executive experience. If you want to grow your business, increase your market presence, and make some new trusted friends and colleagues, CRPN is the place for you and your business. Apply now and lock out your competition.


Business Networking Done Right


Bi-weekly meetings with membership ensures thorough business understanding and relationship building.

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Pass qualified business referrals through membership categories and continue building relationships.

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Close more deals, grow your business, and increase your credibility with your new sales staff.

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